Ha, you found me!

My name is Makafui George Dzivenu; a Bitcoin and Blockchain enthusiast, author and developer.

Editor at Blockchain Rush

The discovery of Gold in Califonia in 1848 led to the Gold Rush; likewise the exponential rate of industry growth and adoption of Blockchain technology has led to what we call the "Blockchain Rush".

Blockchain Rush is the publisher of comprehensive reports on the opportunities of the Blockchain industry as well as the possibilites of the Blockchain industry.

Coin Sheriff is the publishing subsidiary of the Blockchain Rush and features exclusive publications on the feasibility of a Blockchain powered civilization and more.

Founder of the Steem Inc

Steem is the face of user appreciated content. What Bitcoin's Blockchain technology did to finance, Steem has done to online user generated value.

I discovered Steem in 2016, became active on it in July 2017 and did find out that it does live up to its hype.

I founded the Steem Inc to contribute to the Steem Blockchain and ecosystem.

Founder of Daoed

Block Stacks aims to become the next web?! Yes, t-h-e n-e-x-t w-e-b. Oh, and its no joke.

Block Stacks is rebuilding the Internet as we know it, except that this time with decentralized, autonomous and privacy conscious technologies.

DAOed is a suit of Decentralized Autonomous Organization of everyday apps built on Block Stacks.

Actually who am I?

I am a jack of all things and master of nothing. I like to try out new things everyday; learning as I build. I started my Internet journey as a researcher, then became an author and now a developer.

After years of research, I started blogging but had little success with it. I later went into publishing yet still had no success. Eventually I stumbled upon Steem and moved my Blockchain Rush blog to Steemit.

My journey on Steemit was not easy but eventually it was far more effective than any other platform I had ever tried. Motivated with the results I had on Steem, I decided to experiment with it and found the API extremely good and simple.

So began my transformation into a developer. I always wanted to become a developer sometime later, however Steem helped me overcome my procrastinations and get done with it. Initially all I wanted to build was a simple Peer Query client, however ambition got in the way and I ended up several projects into what is now The Steem Inc.

Oh, and if you must know: I am Ghanaian, did fork school and now wants to hack civilization.

Download my book for free.

Bitcoin Effect is a report published by Block Rush which explores how Bitcoin's Blockchain technology will transform finance, economy and establishments.

I am giving away my Bitcoin Effect report for free on Coin Sheriff.